Suhada (Su) from Sebelitak village in Indonesia


Stella Serayet, Reporter

Suhada (Su) is a 16 year old student from Sebelitak village in Indonesia, who studies Chemistry and Indonesian at her school SMAN 3 Teluk Keramat. We asked her some questions about herself and her life:  

What do you like most about your school or college?   

What I like most about my school are my teachers and classmates. There I can find teachers who always support their students and all their traits make their students comfortable, especially their hospitality. Likewise with my classmates, we are compact, although there are many differences in character, we can be friends well.  

What would you like to change about it?   

And if I could change one thing about my school, it would be that I would like to see more practical lessons so that I can see how much students understand in applying the theory they have learned.  

Do you get much homework or have many exams?   

We get more homework than exams like other schools.  

What’s your dream job?  

About my dreams, I want to be an entrepreneur in the culinary field. I’m also thinking of becoming a novelist as my side job. 

What country would you like to visit and why?   

The first country on my list to visit is Mecca. I really want to do Umrah with my family and have an exciting trip there.  

If you could change one thing about your country, what would it be?  

What I want to change about my country is the habit of people who increasingly use motorized vehicles and cars even though the distance they travel is relatively short. This has caused air pollution to increase and traffic jams to become more frequent. I thought about how good it would be if people used bicycles more often, walked, or used public transportation such as buses. More precisely, I want people to be wiser in using vehicles according to the distance they want to travel.  

What one thing would you miss from your country if you moved somewhere else?  

Well, the thing that I would miss about Indonesia if I move to another country, is the food. Maybe the difference in climate can make me unable to find the food that I usually eat in Indonesia, and I really regret that because I really like local food.  

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?  

A superpower that I really want to have is the ability to be resilient, hold and lift heavy objects. I was inspired by a Korean drama, how useful it would be if we had powers so that we could eradicate the bad guys. 

Tell us a bit about one of your best friends  

Yeah, I have a good friend. She is brave, humorous, and smart. She can speak well in public and has talent in the arts. I admire her so much that I’m motivated to hone my skills more like she does.  

What’s your favourite meal?  

My favorite food is various types of bread, especially bread with milk, chocolate, and cheese.  

What’s your favourite book and why?  

Lately, I’ve been reading more books about self-development, and I loved it so much. I really need this to change me into a useful person in the future.  

What’s one thing you do that you couldn’t live without?  

Could I answer eating? It seems like that’s the only thing I do that I can’t live without lol. 

If your life was a book what would the title be?  

If my life were a book, I would title it something like this, “The life of a little girl in a big world.”  

What makes you happy? 

The thing that can make me happy is that I can live in prosperity and harmony with the people closest to me, who support each other for a long time.