Planet Future: Xaverian student success at Sixth Form College Exhibition


Congratulations to Patrick Karran, Lucy Gardiner and Martha Parry-Hensly, the three Xaverian students have been selected for The Sixth Form College Association national online exhibition. The three pieces are 

‘We cannot direct the Wind but we can adjust it’s Sails’ by Patrick Karran 

Why are we doing these things to our planet? Who is deciding what creates natural or manmade beauty? How did we become so confident to envisage and create these structures? What do different people see in the same image? For me, the answers are not important, the photographer needs to keep asking the questions and the discussions will follow. 

Patrick Karran

‘Fragile World’ by Lucy Gardiner. 

My piece is based on my exploration into the plastic pollution the world is creating and its catastrophic impact on the world’s coral reefs. Living Coral is bright and beautifully coloured but unfortunately, we are more familiar with seeing the masses of white Coral which are dead. By working on plastic waste delivery bags, so indicative of our consumerist and throw away society, I am trying to bring awareness to the issue. 

Lucy Gardiner

‘Reincarnation Station’ by Martha Parry- Hensly 

These three illustrated posters are from a project about creating branding for a charity created by us. When I got this brief, I knew it had to be about the environmental impacts of the fashion industry, as this is something I have been passionate about for few years. I am passionate about impact the fashion industry has on the environment and the growing consumerist culture we have developed. The illustrations are of three different people I follow on Instagram who inspire me to reinvent pieces in my wardrobe and explore the ways I can give my garments a make over by pairing them with pieces I wouldn’t have usually chosen. I wanted these illustrations to feel almost aggressive and give a backstory to the growing trend of thrift/charity shopping; why it’s important to start with ourselves in the fight to regain control over the climate crisis. 

Martha Parry-Hensley